Saturday, January 07, 2017

Surface Pro 4 – How to replace the speaker

Turn the Surface Pro so that the screen is facing you as if you were using it normally.
Make sure the device is turned off before you start working on it.
The display is glued to the frame of the device . You can weaken the adhesive with a heating.
Use an opening pick to pry around the base of the display. Do this around all the outside edges of the device.
There are tabs on the upper right side and upper left side where it is easier to get a tool under the display.
Attach a suction cup to the front of the display.
Using the suction cup, pull the display and base apart. You may need to hold the base in position with your hands.
It is usually better to place the suction cup on the left or right side of the screen, rather than in the center. This provides more leverage when removing the screen.
There are two display cables connecting the body to the display.
Disconnect the cable on the right by putting a plastic opening tool under the edge of the connector and prying it up.
The connection for the strip on the left is covered by a lightweight metal casing. Pry around the edges of this case with a plastic spudger. Once it is loose, pull it off.
Unplug the connection with a plastic opening tool.
The display should now be free of the body of the Surface Pro. Lift it up and away from the rest of the device.
Both sections of the heat sink are connected to the motherboard via a panel which is covered by a metal casing.
Remove the casing by prying around the edges and then lifting the entire piece once it is loose.
Remove the four 1.5mm Torx T4 screws holding the main body of the heat sink to the motherboard
Remove the 1.5mm Torx T3 screw holding the copper plate near the bottom of the device.
Remove the 1.5mm Torx T4 screw holding the heat sink tubing to the frame of the device.
Remove the 3.0mm Torx T4 screw.
You can now remove entire heat sink by lifting it out with your hands.
Be sure to replace the thermal paste when installing the heat sink.
Detach the speaker connector from the motherboard.
Remove screws from the speaker.
5mm Torx T5 screw
Remove the speaker out with your fingers.
The speaker is still wedged tightly into the frame and is difficult to remove.
Remove the speaker, the volume button and the power button from the Surface Pro 4.